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Policy Platform



I am committed to advancing policies that will move strengthen our communities so that they are sustainable and resilient!


Economic Development

  • Creating sustainable workforces and career pathways by further investing in the innovation economy, narrowing the talent gap, and supporting entrepreneurial development.
  • Financially supporting micro and small businesses to revitalize downtown communities.

  • Further investing in the tourism economy expands the opportunities for food and beverage establishments and art & culture organizations, in addition to creating jobs.



  • Making investments in renovating and providing relevant resources to our local schools.

  • Leading efforts to increase financial aid and student loan relief.

  • Investing in K-12 STEAM programs so that our students are exposed to bright future careers and so that we are building the future leaders of our state economy.

  • Investing in community colleges so that they can be incubators for innovation, specifically by producing a qualified workforce who will strengthen the state’s innovation.



  • Making further investments in electric vehicle infrastructure to reduce reliance on diesel fuels.

  • Supporting the advancement of home energy programs for low to moderate-income families and seniors.

  • Ensuring that our communities are equipped with resilient storm infrastructure to mitigate risks associated with storm and flood damage.

  • Expediting the replacement of lead pipes in our homes and schools.


Public Safety

  • Ensuring our communities are prepared for any future public emergency or health epidemic by strengthening our healthcare workforce.

  • Prioritizing violence prevention initiatives through expanding neighborhood mental health services, job opportunities, and implementing trauma care interventions.

  • Investing in conflict resolution and restorative justice interventions in our schools, curriculum, and teachers’ professional development.


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Policy Platform